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たかが紙 されど紙…






It’s only Papers, but it’s still Papers…

Lighter than feathers, stronger than steel, and the blankness of Paper offers endless motivation to make new shapes.

This was the message that launched “Paper Creative Exhibition / Seiji Sugii (Personal Exhibition)” before “Sugii Design” was founded. There is no other material more attractive to us than Paper.

We’ve stuck to using Paper for 40 years, designing and creating package design, paper craft, graphic model art, clocks to forget time, big moralized monuments, etc. These are all modeling designs based on Paper, which wander the world of play and have never changed until now.

Western Paper, Japanese Paper as well as Analog and Digital methods assist stereolithography to continue forever.

Sugii Design


事 業 所 名  | 杉井デザイン SUGII DESIGN
代   表 | 杉井 俊夫 (デザイナー)
所 在 地 | 〒457-0862 名古屋市南区内田橋2丁目11-8
連 絡 先 | TEL : 052/691-9529 月曜〜金曜(9時〜6時)
URL : www.sugii-design.com MAIL : info@sugii-design.com
業 務 内 容  |パッケージデザイン・グラフィックデザイン・ペーパークラフト・カレンダーデザイン・ノベルティデザイン・モニュメントなど

Package Design    
Graphic Design   
Paper Craft + Calendar
Paper Craft + Novelty

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